| September/October 1968

Box 42, Weston, Michigan 49289

Yup -- that is right. I am a fitting. I lilted yesterday, I am a fitting today, I will be a fitting tomorrow. I will be filling next week. too. It is a one plow outfit.

My pappy went over to see Mr. Sam Raymond, Going to buy a secondhand Fordson. You know - the one that growls in low gear, growls in second gear, even growls in high gear. Ah! well at least you can get to chow on time.

Well, guess what? Pappy came home with Mr. Raymond's contribution to agriculture. A three wheel tractor with a model 'T' engine, transmission, and differential. Guess the original was all model 'T' parts, with a cast iron rear end and cast iron wheels, fore and aft but this one has a steel front wheel.

I finally graduated from fitting and today I am learning to plow. Nothing to it, all you have to do is keep the front wheel out of the furrow. I finally had to get me a sixteen inch stick on the radiator so the front end would not wander all over.

Just tried to imitate the old man. You know - pull the plow out and turn the corner at the same time. No stick and no fence either. Tough tractor. Have both problems solved now. Have a block and tackle on the lift lever and plow hitch. Also run the front wheel in the first left wheel track from the furrow -simple. Have a seat belt too.