How Your Hobby Started Part VIII

| May/June 1970

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The old saying 'He met his fate at Waterloo' was true when Napoleon was defeated at that Belgium city in 1815, however this had not been the case at the namesake of this famous city in Iowa.

It was at Waterloo, Iowa, that such gasoline engine manufacturing companies as The William Galloway Co., Waterloo Gasoline and Traction Engine Co., Water-loo Gasoline Engine Co., Cascaden Manufacturing Co., Davis Gasoline Engine Co., Iowa Gasoline Engine Co., Water-loo Motor Works, Associated Manufacturing Co., Dart Manufacturing Co., Litchfield Manufacturing Co., Padden and Pett Co., Caldwell & Hallowell Co., H. W. Caldwell & Sons, Chase Gas Engine Co. and the Kelly Manufacturing Co. all started business in this city.

Through the courtesy of the Museum of History and Science of Waterloo, I am able to give you the details of the early activities of the above companies who produced many of the nation's engines in the early 1900s.

In 1899 William Galloway (1877-1952) began his industrial business in Reinbeck, Iowa, a small town in Grundy County. He had a partner, D. J. Wilson. They only continued business here for a few months and then moved to Waterloo, Iowa.

Here, they continued in business and in 1902 Mr. Galloway bought a carload of one cylinder Cadillacs and displayed them in front of his office as the first Cadillac dealer, which was across the street from the present post office. He continued this agency for five years when a young man, Mr. C. A. Morris, took over the interests of this dealership.