How Your Hobby Started

| January/February 1971

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It is most gratifying to receive so many very interesting letters from GEM readers and I want to thank each one again for sending me historical information to assist me in preparing these articles about gasoline engines and the manufacturers.

As we come down to the end of this story, it may be helpful to engine collectors to make mention of the engine builders who were active in the early part of this century, but whose products were not so well advertised or distributed as the well known manufacturers whose stories we have covered.

Some of these builders were located in various states as found in the following short sketches of their products.

Ellis Engine Company of Detroit, Michigan, built vertical single cylinder stationary engines in ratings from 3 to 12 hp.

Detroit Engine Works of the same city, built engines in 1913 under the advertised name of the amazing 'Detroit' Gasoline Engine. It was made in sizes of 2 to 20 hp. vertical 2 cycle machines.