Homemade Hit and Miss

| March/April 1997

18010 S.E. Harrison Street Portland, Oregon 97233-5128

Just a few lines. I get the Gas Engine Magazine and I love it!

The pictures are of a hit and miss engine I built. It is all made up of cold rolled steel, except the piston and cylinder which are cast iron. The flywheels are 12' diameter; piston is 2 inch diameter.

I fabricated everything except the spark plug, piston rings, bolts, and timing gears. There is no visible welding to be seen on it. Crankshaft has needle roller bearings it turns on.

I have to get some pin stripe painting done on it yet. It runs great. Two turns on the crankshaft and it goes. I built a little boss saw to go with it which has a six inch saw blade

I have started building a scale of this engine. The flywheels will be eight inches, piston 1, so I hope it will run as good as this first one does.