Hobby Turned Profession

| June/July 1985

Ben J. Kinsinger of Meyersdale, Pennsylvania wrote to us about his engine repair service, which grew out of his hobby of collecting and restoring engines.

Kinsinger's first engine was acquired for $8.00 before he left school in 1960. He fixed the broken gears and got it running and went on to more engine adventures. His first tractor a 10-20 bought from a neighbor for $35.00was seized badly. After much hard work, he got it running, used it for thousands of hours of farming, and still uses it today for cutting firewood and grinding feed. An F14 was gotten free, just to get it out of a farmer's way, and Kinsinger still uses it for plowing.

In the '60'swhen Kinsinger says 'you could buy about any old tractor for about nothing', he collected many engines. Some he repaired and others were kept for parts. This is how his business began. He repaired his own engines and then began gradually doing repairs for other people. He was working for a carpenter and did not expand his repair business too much, but after getting married in 1970, soon quit carpentry and went into engine repair in earnest.

Today, Kinsinger has around 75 engines and about 22 tractors about half of them rebuilt and some for sale. Among others, he has all the model M engines except the 10 HP, which he would like to have to complete the set. He has many types of LA and LB, three New Hollands which his grandfather and great uncles bought new, and many more.

The Kinsinger Engine Service is now 'about a full-time job dismantling tractors and engines for parts, locating and making parts.' What they can't get, they make or have made. A complete catalog is available for 75$ from Kinsinger's Engine Service, R.D. 1, Meyersdale, PA 15552.