| May/June 2003

  • IHC engine

  • IHC engine

We didn't really plan it this way, but this turns out to be a bit of an IHC issue.

It all started when Fred Nolan's great article on the restoration of a very rare IHC motor hay press (complete with its original 4 HP Titan engine) came in the Monday mail. That was a great way to begin the week, but it got even better when Paul Frasier's article on the immaculate restoration of his 2 HP 1907 tank-cooled IHC Famous crossed my desk the next day. I have to confess to a soft spot for IHC's vertical engines (actually, anything IHC), and when you see the job Paul's done on this one you'll understand why. As GEM's new cover format highlights, it's stunning.

What was already turning into a stellar week got even better with Wednesday's arrival of Jim Stalker's article covering his very first engine restoration. The engine? An IHC, of course, but this time an early 1 HP hoppercooled Famous. Yes, it was a good week, and it all rolled into a great issue.