| March/April 2003

  • Hit and Miss

  • Hit and Miss

It's pretty easy to tell when the old iron community is working its way through the doldrums of winter - one look at the queries coming in for C.H. Wendel and you know cabin fever is taking its toll, as collectors and restorers of old iron hunt for information on their finds from last year.

C.H. Wendel is still on the mend, so we haven't the benefit of his encyclopedic insight, but responses from readers to queries posted in Reflections have gone a long way towards giving owners necessary information to complete their engine and tractor restorations. It's a unique community that responds as ours does to requests for help - readers routinely tell me about members of the old iron community offering to send rare parts across the country to them, offering a needed piece for use as a pattern or simply as a physical reference. And all this without ever asking for anything in return.

So let's keep the questions coming and the answers flowing - it's all part of what keeps the hobby thriving, and integral to the critical process of collecting information for the benefit of us all, ensuring we keep the old iron we love in running form for our enjoyment today, and that of others tomorrow.