| June/July 2003

The February 2002 issue was a first for Gas Engine Magazine. It was the first time GEM appeared on newsstands, and it was the first time GEM featured 'sell lines' on the front cover, those short descriptions giving potential readers an idea of what they'll find inside the pages of the magazine.

We've been getting feedback from readers ever since, and many of you have voiced displeasure with those lines, wishing instead to see the cover picture in all its glory and detail. More than a few readers have noted how closely they examine the cover photograph for engine details, and given that it's the biggest picture in the magazine that makes more than a little bit of sense. So starting with this issue we're crafting two covers for GEM; one for subscribers and another for the newsstand. Of course, this creates a happy dilemma, of sorts: If you want the full collection of GEM, you'll just have to run down a newsstand copy every other issue. Enjoy.