He's A 'One-Lunger Fanatic

| August/September 1986

  • Being a former tool maker

  • Being a former tool maker

(This article which was brought to us by Bert Dado of Beecher, Illinois on a trip to our area, originally appeared in The Daily Journal, Kankakee, Illinois on November 3, 1985. The article is reprinted here with permission.)

Bert Dado is an enthusiast for the mechanically antique and unique.

On a fine fall afternoon something that seems to be gone for the year you might find him riding what looks like a homemade motorbike around the streets of Beecher.

But the bike only looks home-made. It is actually a 1943 French Solex bike. Its engine rests atop the front wheel, powering the bike by rotors that rub directly on the tire, rather than by chain drive.

The engine can be tilted back easily, converting the vehicle into a regular bicycle.

Dado is more than willing to stop and talk about his rare Solex. When he does, he's likely to hand his visitor a business card that reads 'Bert Dado Gasoline Engine Hobbyist.'