Help For A FRENCH Collector

| April/May 1986

  • Moline Tractor

  • Moline Tractor

In our February issue, we carried a request for help from a French collector who owned a Moline Universal model D tractor. The following response was submitted by Ralph Hendrickson of Box 55, Nineveh, NY 13813.

I am happy to say that there is such a contraption in the Southern Tier Antique Gas and Steam Association. The vintage is 1918 or 1919 and it is owned by Archie Hubbard of the Eastern Fayette Guilford Museum of Guilford, New York.

Archie is an old time iron man and is a great fabricator of parts. Everything in his museum runs. He is a stickler for accuracy and has the manuals to go with most of his old iron, which are all unusual pieces. His private museum of antique machinery is one of the finest in New York State. It is a little over an hour's drive from the Baseball Hall of Fame & the Farmers Museum in Cooperstown.

Kenneth Long of Big Rapids, Michigan, one of the iron nuts who corresponded with me about one of my engines came to see me by way of Cooperstown. I took him to see my friend Archie Hubbard who gave him a personal tour of the museum. Ken's wife took his picture sitting on the seat of that Moline Plow contraption, just like a little boy in seventh heaven. If he didn't break the camera I'm sure his wife got the picture of a fine piece of restored machinery.

This winter Archie Hubbard has gone south for a while and will be bringing back a narrow gauge steam passenger train which he expects to have on line in two years. This piece of old iron needs a lot of work.

Any time there are iron nuts in the area, look me up!