| January/February 1977

4155 Lancaster Drive, Space #72, Salem, Oregon 97303

For the first time in our lives, my wife and I made a leisure trip, visiting friends and relatives and sightseeing. Covered over 8,000 miles.

In July we made a trip to Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada. We got a call from the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to bring our miniature farm display for a six day show. We loaded the little farm in our Datsun pick-up with a canopy on it. Drove to Lake Louise and Banff, Alberta, then on to Red Deer where we visited a nephew for a day and a half. While there went on up to Wetaskiwin, Alta. near Edmonton, to a tractor collector's place known as Reynolds Museum. He has 600 tractors of old vintage, both steam and gas; around 400 old cars; 100 motorcycles and some airplanes. Very few are restored. We spent a few hours there. As I have a walking problem, didn't get out to see possibly 300 of the tractors. Mr. Reynolds has quite a lot of duplicates.

On to Saskatchewan to my old home town of Davidson, where my brother and family live, and visited a few days. Then we proceeded on to Saskatoon to set up our display. The attendance at the Museum was very good, as the week we were there was their annual Pioneer Days celebration. They threshed every day, had a parade and tractor pulling.

While we were at my brother's place, he had a heart attack. After two days at their local hospital he was moved to Saskatoon Hospital where he seemed to be getting along fine. After our show was over, we left for Regina, Sask. to visit there for a couple of days. Then on west, back to Salem, having traveled a little over 3,200 miles. When we got home, we got the sad news that my brother had passed away that morning. He was 58.

Later that week we set up our little farm display at Western Antique Powerland, Brooks, Oregon for our 2 weekends threshing show there. The 14th and 15th of August we displayed our little farm at Dufur, Oregon during their threshing show.