Good Thing I Had A Spare

| April/May 2001

5126 Walmare Road Sanborn, New York 14132

I am a retired structural steel iron worker of eleven years. I retired at 62 and got busy on my favorite hobby. I have had a few one cylinder engines, but my main interest is old tractors. I think you have a great magazine.

I did some 'horse trading' and got a Centaur in exchange for a Ferguson (derelict). I thought I could restore the Centaur, but the cast iron frame was broken and pieces missing. Then I ran across another one on Route 77 in the southern tier of New York. I purchased it and started the restoration. The engine ran good but the tractor was a mess! It's a good thing I had a spare for parts. I did a lot of work on it. I had to remove the chain drive rear to get at the inboard double disc brakes on each side that worked off the stub axles. The fenders also serve as the chain housings. I don't have much information on this animal. It has a cast iron dash and grill. It was used for mowing along the highway in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. Its colors were yellow, red, and Navy Grey for the Navy. It has a stand up clutch and brake pedals. It has four gears and a 4-cylinder overhead LeRoi engine. Other details: serial number S14904: engine #19 x 6965, model D140-1; 3 x 3 5/8 bore and stroke; patent pending 2035867; trans. #014-59.

I would appreciate any information on it. It is an industrial model C.I., almost the same as the agricultural model K.V. I would like to hear from readers. I also have a four cylinder Novo stationary pump unit, L-head engine C.W. 1333846, bore and stroke 3 x 4 (that's all that is on the plate), for which I need information.