| September/October 1968

  • Gas Engine
    Courtesy of Floyd W. Cook, 410 Hamilton, Washington, Illinois 61571
    Floyd W. Cook
  • Gas Engine

  • Gas Engine
  • Gas Engine

It doesn't seem possible it is time to write my little column but the calendar shows the deadline clearly marked.

Haven't much of anything new to write except by now you have probably attended a few shows and have some new ideas and questions to ask.

I'm not trying to take Anna Mae's job but she had her Smoke Rings all typed and delivered to the printer so rather than hold this until next issue I decided to write the following bit of information. In a letter from Mr. William Green of Rushsylvania, Ohio, he thinks he has the answer to 'What is It?' on Page 14 of Nov.-Dec. 1967 issue. He was visiting an old friend in Marion, Ohio and in the garage where the friend worked, was an old 1908 Maxwell Roadster. Mr. Green asked to see the engine and sure enough when they unbuckled the strap that held the hood down and lifted off the hood, there lay a 2 cylinder air-cooled opposed cylinder engine with the aluminum fly wheel with 4 big flat twisted spokes in it and it laid right up against the radiator fins as the radiator had no water, all it did was draw air in to cool the engine. So he has it marked in his magazine as a 1908 Maxwell or Jack Benny Special.

I appreciate all your letters and now will try to find out if the Tramp Preacher has any advice or has his little story written. That is what keeps us going.

Until next time, so long and good luck.

Two snapshots showing a 'self-powered' rotating display turntable in action which shows off any I-? hp gas engine real good. It quickly adapts to any small engine and 'takedown' is easy and rapid, simply lift apart in three sections. Engine is pick-up truck height so you just slide the engine on and off. Turntable rotates on four castered wheels with one wheel sprung to take care of any unevenness of-the track and also shock absorber mounted to eliminates any bounce. Here shown is 1? IHC type 'm'. An Economy running in the foreground and just part of a Mon-mouth is seen. Underneath the turntable is a 1928 Elto Outboard motor, all just a part of my collection.