| January/February 1980

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Although there were times of despair, disappointments, and bruised knuckles, Don Frei never gave up on his hobby. This native of Westphalia, Texas, is infatuated with restoring old, single cylinder, gasoline-powered engines.

'I virtually fell in love,' Frei said, recalling the first time he saw a 'one lunger design' five years ago. Frei was at a neighbor's house when he first encountered a 'one lunger design.'

'Having been raised on a farm and having worked on engines, naturally I became mechanically inclined,' Frei said.

In May of 1977, Frei and his brother-in-law saw an engine at a deer lease at Fredericksburg, Texas. The nameplate showed that the engine was a Fuller and Johnson, patented in 1909.

Frei bought the engine. On inspecting it, he found the engine was complete, but entirely rusted together. The timing gears were chipped and had to be replaced, and a duplicate was made of the rusted gas tank.