| September/October 1968

R.R. I Lacon, Illinois

I finally got around to writing a few lines. I enjoy all of the stories and letters from gas engine fellows, like myself.

My father had a 4 Hp. Waterloo Boy on a line shaft when I was about 4 years old, and as far back as I can remember. I am an 1918 model myself.

The line shaft was about 40 feet long and ran a double tub washing machine, emery wheel and pump jack. We had a 40 barrel tank and it got good and full on washday.

The old Waterloo Boy gave out and Dad got a 4 Hp. throttle governor Worthington. The Worthington did not work very well. We had a sale and quit farming for about three years.

The man that bought the gas engine on the sale found out what was the matter with it. Someone put a marble in the mixer-anyhow we boys got blamed for it.