Sam Schnur the Gas Engine Expert

Joe Fahnestock visits Gas Engine Magazine's Spark Plug of the Month and gas engine expert Sam Schnur on his own turf and learns why Sam is so good at what he does.

| November/December 1966

Meet Spark Plug of the Month Sam Schnur, known as the gas engine expert. 

Daily News and Radio's "Joe's Journal."

Sam "Snore" Schnur proudly displays his beautiful model of an "Economy" Gas Engine which runs tiny pump-jack. Note pee-wee bucket and pump spout. No wonder Sam's smiling, ear-to-ear. He even made pea-sized tin cup to drink from. His sign "No More Repair Work" must mean Sam's retired into model-making.

That Spark Plug of the Month and gas engine expert, always so friendly and long on the handshake at the annual reunions man of the big smile and oily overalls bending over that prototype or scale model of some early-vintage gas engine along Gasoline Alley just what kind of a "critter" be he should one drop by his native lair, someday unannounced and uninvited?

It was with much trembling and foreboding that I rapped my knuckles on the door of one Sam Schnur (Snore), Doctor of Spark Plugs, Piston Rings and Connecting Rods, living in the very shadows of N.T.A. President, LeRoy Blaker up Alvordton-way.

"'Sam Snore'? Yes, I know where he lives," answered the only rural mail carrier at the Alvordton, Ohio, post office. "Turn right at the next street, b'ar to the left at the dead end and keep going he lives up the road about a mile."