Fun In The Fall

| March/April 1989

Old Iron Assn. 6620 Newport Commerce City, Colorado 80022

Colorado Old Iron Association wound up the season of parades and country fairs with a hay wagon full of bound wheat. What could be done with it before the mice decided to have a nice meal? How about a November meeting with a pot luck lunch and thresh and bale this wheat. Adolph Lebsack of Hudson, Colorado said come on out and use his buildings and land for the get together.

On a beautiful November day with the snow capped Rocky Mountains in the background we did it. We decided to have a fall close down for members only and a very few guests. The day started off cool but the sun was shining bright and the temperature started to warm up real nice by mid morning. A short meeting was held as the smell of baked beans, hamburgers, hot dogs and all the other goodies filled the air.

Lunch was a time for all the club members to sit around and eat and just talk. What had happened, what they had done, new items, new tractors, new engines, parades, and shows for that long summer. I think that by the time Fall rolled around all of us were getting a little tired of summer time, the traveling, loading and unloading, but we never tired of telling new people about 'old engines'.

After lunch it was time to thresh the wheat and bale the straw. This was a time when club members who had other things to do at threshing time could throw some bundles and have some fun. Because it was only club members and not for show we could have all the fun we wanted. Anyone could get up in the wagon and pitch bundles. SAFETY FIRST was always in mind but enjoyment was had by all.

It was a great day for ending a summer of good shows and giving club members a chance to exchange ideas for things to do during the winter.