| December/January 1986

It's hard to believe that this is the December issue, and that the end of another year is upon us. This issue has some interesting material couple of stories we're especially pleased to have.

Our columnist, Mr. Wendel spent an enormous amount of time putting together his cross-referenced list of Webster magnetos and their applications, on next Article. This should be a valuable reference for collectors, so you'll want to hang on to this issue in the future! We are grateful to Mr. Wendel for achieving this painstaking chore with the help of his home computer!

Many of you will be interested in the results of the Arthur Bright sale held in California last September, which we understand was much enjoyed by over 5,000 collectors. The Hilpipre Auction Company has provided us with a short summary of this three day event.

On the matter of liability insurance for engine shows, we have compiled your responses into a brief article on page 31. We'll continue to report additional developments on this topic as appropriate. My thanks to those of you who responded on this matte don't hesitate to keep sending me your opinions on this issue or any other matter you think has an important effect on engine collectors, their organizations or shows.

Our annual directory solicitation for listings and advertising did go out as scheduled on October 15. If you haven't received yours, let us know right away! The deadline is December 15.

May the joy and love of this holiday season abound in your hearts and your homes!