FOR STEAM FANS Stationary Engine Society Newsletter

| July/August 1986

In an effort to establish a stationary engine society in the U.S. and Canada, Roger L. Robertson, 3706 Emily St., Kensington, MD 20895, has compiled and mailed 80 copies of Volume I of the Stationary Engine Society newsletter.

In the newsletter, Mr. Robertson outlines the organizational matters that will be among the Society's first pieces of business. These include electing officers, finding and appointing editors for the newsletter, electing an engine inventory coordinator, and a librarian or coordinator of bibliographic material. In addition, a panel of people knowledgeable about the history and technology of stationary engines and power plants, will serve as technical consultants.

Pointing out the impact an informative newsletter can have for a new organization, Mr. Robertson outlines plans for future issues. Some of the subjects that will be included are: membership and organizational matters, articles, a space for miscellaneous items, overseas notes, calendar of coming events, and The Exchange. This will include inquiries about specific engines, related parts or equipment, or offers to buy, sell, and trade.

In addition, Mr. Robertson proposes a strong affiliation with the Stationary Engine Research Group in Great Britain. SERG identifies, records, and preserves stationary steam engines throughout Great Britain. They publish a newsletter, a quarterly and an annual. Arrangements have been made for an American member of the British group to accept SERG dues in U.S. dollars. The dues are $18.75, which includes their publications. Send to: Conrad Milster, 178 Emerson Place, Brooklyn, NY 11205.

Robertson would like to hear from people interested in forming an engine society and receiving the newsletter.