Finally!!! The Before and After of My Case 'VC' 1941

| February/March 2001

22573 Old 44 Drive, Palo Cedro, California 96073-8719

I acquired my tractor in July 1999 and started removing things: sheet metal, gas tank, carburetor, starter, radiator and on and on. Then came the BIG question. What to do now? I am not a mechanic, never tore an engine down, in fact never even worked on an engine. I walked away for a few weeks, then went back to the shed, looked at the disarray, and thought, 'I can't do this too much work and I don't know what I'm doing anyhow.'

Winter came and it was too cold to work on an old tractor, so it sat for a few more weeks. Finally I thought, 'The stupid thing doesn't run anyway, it is just junk like it is, what can I hurt?' Soooo, with the help of all the letters I received from tractor nuts all over the country, I started.

Off with the head, down with the pan, pound stuck pistons out, won't move, pound harder .... Hey, what fell out on the floor? (A rusted old piston.) Was I elated! All four pistons are out in one piece. Wow! Now I am a mechanic.

Next job, three stuck valves with broken-off heads. Tried to crank up and down with cam lobes. Uh-oh, broke two lifters, smashed one in little pieces. (Keep trying Bill, you're a mechanic now) pound here and smash there. Finally I got a little smart, cut the bottom of the valve shaft off with a grinder, pound them down with a punch, cut off another inch and voila! Pounded right out all three. Only broke two lifters and ruined three valve guides, but I'm getting there.

Things went better after that. I sent the block to an auto engine store and they boiled the block, put in new guides and new valve seats. I bought new rings. Pistons cleaned up pretty good. Now what? I had a hard enough time taking it apart, how in the world was I going to get it back together? I called a local guy who works on field tractors to help me (very reasonable). It was downhill from there on, after much scraping, sanding, and sand blasting, it was time to paint.