| January/February 1973

On the left is Art Oberg with his McCormick Deering binder and his WD-9 tractor. He is on tractor while Elmer Wolff is on the binder. They are cutting oats and the right hand picture shows the oats field shocked but covered with snow on September 25, 1972.

Top left picture:--Filling our new silo with our little I. H. C. 8-16. The girl is one of my older sisters, Rhoda. She had the job of feeding the silo filler. Top right: -- Our I. H. C. 8-16 plowing in 1918. Lower left:--Our oats cutting operation with our Dad on the binder and oldest brother, Gerhardt at the I. H. C. 8-16 tractor in 1917. Lower right:-- Hansen's I. H. C. Mogul, the neighbors to the west. This was the first tractor in these parts in 1917.