| March/April 1977

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L.Goodwin, Jr., Box A, Worcester, New York 12197.

After reading of the drought in many sections of this great land, I must praise the Lord for the rains that fell here in the northeast. The weekend of October 9th and 10th was a wet one! Now, I don't mind the rain, but I felt a little twinge of remorse because it was falling all over my 1877 Dudts steam engine and boiler that my friend, Jim Gilstrap, was bringing me from Churubusco, Indiana.

This was Jim's second trip here from out west. The last time, he brought 'Doc' and Pauline Schrage from New Haven and 'Doc' and I did a little ol' country swappin' and a lot of visiting. This time Jim brought his son, Mike. Mike is about the age of my son Steve, so while they played, Jim and I unloaded my little steamer.

The week just prior to Jim's arrival, the Lord had been splashing vivid colors all over the mountain sides. Now it seemed as if He were out to wet down the lush green land and wash the colors away. It rained all day Saturday, except for the time Jim and Ed Bell and I spent loading the tractor and Gray Jim was hauling home.

The Gilstraps stayed the night and after church, Jan filled them up with country stew and we sent them on their way with a prayer.

Now, one thing that I have learned since being bitten by an engine bug with a slight touch of tractor fever, is that there is no such thing as a day too wet, too cold, or too hot for engine pickin'. Then Jim and Mike rode off into the west, we loaded up and headed north. I knew my Chevy ? ton wouldn't shrink and the Lord made me with a sanforized label so the rain didn't bother us. Jan, Paul, Steve and I were headed for Vermont and a rendezvous with yet another FAMOUS.