Orville, Washington

| September/October 1981

Box 2175, Wenatchee, Washington 98801

For a number of years, I had charge of the equipment for Al Peter-man at various operations in Washington and Oregon. The trucks we used were part of a fleet of old White and Morelands we rebuilt for the operation at Morton, Washington. Al Peterman was the owner of the various operations and had a saw mill, veneer plant, plywood, door & sash factory in Tacoma, Washington. He also purchased the old 'Fageol' plant in Oakland, California when it was sold. He also was the sole owner and manufacturer of Peterbilt Trucks until his death. He was a man about 25 years ahead of his time in all operations. 'Peterbilt' was a trade name of all products he produced. We did a lot of experimenting with brakes and other things at the Morton, Washington operation. The first V8 Cat engine sold was at this operation on the first 'Berger' yarder of the latest type of that time. The old 'bottom dump' wagons were also used in those days in construction and road building.