ENGLISH Plea For Help

| April/May 1986

Joseph L. Thomas of 5 Minett Avenue, Rushwick, Worcester, England WR2 5TQ recently sent this inquiry. Hopefully, someone will be able to assist his club in their restoration effort.

I seek the help of you and your readers most seriously. Always on the look out for something in our hobby that is rare or unusual, I purchased six months ago a tractor that seems to be unique in England.

It was new to the U.S. Air Force Strategic Air Command in 1941 at a base near Royston, Hartfordshire.

The first impression is that it is an International or McCormick W-6 but it is not.

It is a road haulage or industrial version of the W-6 namely an I-6 Makers No. I-BK3740.

Yet it is not even an I-6 because it has a transverse leaf spring behind the front axle, it has a 5th forward gear giving 40 not 20 MPH and has hydraulic, not rod brakes with a band brake between clutch and gearbox.