Engine Stuff in Lapland

| September/October 1970

Corydon, Iowa 50060.

When you get down in Southern Iowa where the hills roll towards Missouri and the Missouri hills roll back until you don't know one hill from another, you are in Lapland. In all honesty, we Laplanders don't know whether we are Iowaians or Missourians and most of the time don't care. Many years ago the two States got into an argument over where the State line was and both sides called out the militia, but everything was settled without any shots fired. At Lineville, Missouri a man who had served two terms in the State Legislature found that after the State line was settled that he was now in Iowa, so he ran for office and served one term in the Iowa Legislature. Well, so much for local history!

This summer, I decided to catch up on the engine activity around this part of the country. First off, I decided to go over to College Springs, Iowa and see Roger Eshelman and his collection. Roger and I became acquainted by mail and made an engine swap by letters. Roger and his family came down one Sunday afternoon and we made our engine swap. We just didn't have time to play hardly any, when Roger had to go home. Roger is a good guy to know and he has forgotten more about engines than most of us will ever know. One Sunday morning I put in a telephone call to College Springs just to be sure Roger would be home. When this was settled,

I wound up the spring tight in my Chev. II and away we went. This was a good fun trip. Roger, I think, had around 40 engines. I saw engines I had never heard of. Roger has the knack for taking a rusty piece of iron and making it run. I wish I lived closer to this boy. I would slip a rusty old iron cookstove into his collection and I'll bet a in few weeks, he would have it hitting on all four lids.

My son-in-law, Normon Jay Nickel and family came home from England in July. As soon as they got settled down, Normon and I started visiting iron collectors. Our first call was to a fellow I had just met, Everet Anderson of Humeston, Iowa. When we arrived at Everet's farm, he was puttering around in his shop on an old Caterpillar R D 6. I saw an old Gas Cat 20 sitting in a weed patch. Everet has 9 gas engines. The largest one is an Economy, 9 Hp. He also had a Novo and a Monitor plus several Fairbanks Morse. The one thing I enjoyed most was a Kincaid Garden Tractor. I remember seeing the advertisement for these in magazines when I was a young boy. The day before we visited Everet, he had been out on a trip and had bought 3 McCormick Deering Tractors. This was a good yarn swapping trip. I showd Everet copies of the Iron-Men Album and Gas Engine Magazine and I think he got the fever.

Here are photos of Branch No. 6 June 6 and 7th Meet. Everyone had a good time swapping yarns, eating chicken, hosting National Meet and just making noise. We had over 150 pieces of equipment on display from harvester to a steamboat.