| June/July 1986

Box 562 Pidgeon Valley Rd, Randolph, NY 14772

My uncle and I, one fine summer day
Set out to hunt engines, in the hills of PA.
We looked in power houses, as we went along.
The engines was broken, or else they was gone.

All engine hunters know, how time will fly by.
We got so hungry, we thought we would die.
Over those back country roads, a pretty rough haul.
Your breakfast don't last you no time at all.

I say to my uncle, 'I have a lunch'.
The best thing to do is carry a lunch.
But just 'round the bend, to our surprise,
There was a restaurant, couldn't believe our eyes.

We pulled up and parked, hurried right in.
It was a nice little place, all clean and neat.
So we ordered us a big lunch to eat.

There at a table, sat three men having lunch,
A jolly good gang, and a sociable bunch.
We asked if by chance anyone might know
If any engine's for sale, we could fix up to go.