| September/October 1981

  • Being used to combine soy beans
    Being used to combine soy beans. Courtesy of Carol Durell, Georgetown, Illinois 61846.
    Carol Durell

  • Being used to combine soy beans

I don't know how many of you remember the short article on Kenneth's Hobbies that came out in the September-October issue 1980 Gas Engine Magazine, but we were all sitting around his home this last Thanksgiving and there on the wall hung an old picture that I believe many would enjoy hearing about and seeing.

Way back in 1927, Kenneth's Dad, John Durell, bought and introduced to Posy County, the first combine in the area. In the photograph, it is being used to combine soy beans which also were not grown much, and of course, at that time, were definitely not a major crop.

Kenneth's brother, Charles Durell, is on a 1927 20-30 Wallis tractor, Kenneth Durell is on the 1926 Massey Harris Combine #9, and their Dad, John Durell, is on the wagon.

This farm has been a Durell farm since 1868 and was the first one in the area to go modern with the use of tractors, combines, and the planting of soy beans.

Kenneth and his wife, Aleeta, still reside on the farm and Kenneth is still very active in wheeling and dealing in antique tractors. Since the last article was written he has raised the count of running tractors from 27 to 30 and as I sit here writing this he is busy on number 31.