Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association

| December/January 1995

Rt 2, Box 167A Republic, Missouri 65738

As the 1995 show season comes to an end, the National Meeting and four Regionals have been held. The Southeast Regional was hosted by Branch 28 at Cabool, Missouri, August 11 & 12, 1995. It was hot 95-110 degrees. The hot weather hurt the crowd, but overall it was a good show. There was a good display of engines and tractors. Also, the tractor pull was well attended. The Branches that were represented at the Southeast Regional were 16, 19, 28, 32, 40 and 44. Also present was the East Region Director, Jerry Wymore and his wife Carol. Thanks to David Melton, President, and all the members of Branch 28 for the hard work and planning it took to prepare to host the Southeast Regional. Also, thanks to Ronald Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer of Branch 28 for taking the minutes of the meeting.

The Northwest Regional was hosted by Branch 21, Klamath Falls, Oregon, September 2 & 3, 1995. The meeting was called to order by Branch 21 President Otto Mueller. President Mueller thanked all the exhibitors and then turned the meeting over to the National President Jack Versteeg. There was open discussion regarding our insurance coverage and the meeting was then turned over to West Region Director Gus Peterson, who handed out some helpful notes and suggestions about hosting a Regional or National Show. Branches represented to the Northwest Regional were 7, 9, 12, 15, 20, 21, 26, & 67. Thanks to President Mueller, Secretary Patty Bodnar and all the members of Branch 21 for hosting the 1995 Northwest Regional.

We would like to welcome Branch 78 into the National. 'OLD TIME FARM FEST,' Fountain City, Wisconsin, Arlen Schmitt, President. I had the pleasure of meeting Arlen and his wife Ann, also Jim Jumbeck, at the Tri County Threshermen's Association Branch 33 at Plainfield, Wisconsin June 10 & 11, 1995. This is one of the many good things about our hobby. You meet a lot of wonderful people at the shows.