Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association

| April/May 1997

3848 South Farm Road 93 Republic, Missouri 65738

We are happy to welcome Branch 82 to the National. Allen Koch serves as president. His address is 39 Elm Road, Cromwell, Connecticut 06416.

Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association is 40 years old in 1997. An organization that began with just a few members in Wisconsin in 1957, we are now 82 branches strong, with branches throughout the United States.

In the mid '70s, interest was very low, and the late Lou Chapo began a big effort to renew interest in EDGE&TA. Thanks to the hard work and great leadership of Mr. Chapo, the National has grown to be a very strong association today. We have one National Show each year, along with four Regional shows. This allows five branches each year to host a show at a national level.

The National Gas and Steam Hall of Fame has been well received, and we now have ten men inducted into this honored club.

As our clubs continue to grow, we are happy to see more young people become involved with our hobby. We need to take time and work with each of these young engineers so that our hobby will grow and our heritage will continue on for generations.