| July/August 1989

307 Bluebird Lane Folsom, California 95630

From his letter dated November 16, 1988.

'Dear Editor:

It's been months since receiving your invitation to submit something which may interest Stemgas readers. Now that it's started to rain, I'm more inclined to be in the house than out side. And how we need the rain!

I guess you can see I am not a typist. I have a 93 year old master mechanic friend who writes a fine typed letter, lives alone in his house in Boise. I think my birthday on Nov. 8, was the only one I ever had when the Presidential Election took place. It was my 90th birthday!

If I stop and have this article retyped and corrected, I may not get around to mail it! So do what you want with editing!' (We think it's fine, Howard, just as you've written it, as follows:)