Winter Weather and Displays of Gas Engines

Dorothy Smith shares information on winter weather in the area and talks about displays of gas engines.

| January/February 1967

The Ladies Page discusses winter weather and displays of gas engines. 

It is very difficult for me to be sitting here tonight trying to think of something to write that will be of interest to you two months from now. Halloween has just passed with all the children in their costumes out for "trick or treat". Thanksgiving will be next, when we all pause a moment to count our blessings and to give thanks for what we have. Then along comes Christmas which is so commercialized now days that I think many people have lost sight of the fact that it is to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child. Displays are in the stores by the middle of October so the shoppers will buy more and bigger gifts. I may be old-fashioned but I still believe that children were happier when they had less. A few toys meant more and were better taken care of than the many expensive toys received today which are quickly discarded. Well anyway, I hope you all had a happy holiday and are ready to start the New Year off with a bang!

It is the time of year that here in the northern part of the country, we can expect some of our worse weather. While the winds howl and blow the snow into mountain high drifts, one cannot help but think of man's helplessness in the face of the works of nature. Men can orbit people into space successfully, and make plans to land on the moon, but can do nothing but wait out the fury of a storm.

It is seldom that we are snowed in, but occasionally it still happens. It is a good feeling to know that there is enough food in the cupboard and fuel in the tank and that we have a standby generator in case the electric is off. But it is not so with everyone. We hear on the radio of the many people marooned on the roads in their cars; people without bread and milk; houses without heat and we realize how lucky we are.

Let's talk about displays of gas engines. A 10-20 Three Wheel Case tractor owned by Alan Bushman of Spencerport, New York shown at the 1966 Reunion of The Pioneer Gas Engine Association at Fairville, N.Y. It was purchased from Harry Schoff estate of Honeoye Falls, N.Y. in April 1966. It was in read bad shape and set up. Alan spent many hours to free it. He had the head welded, new valve seats put in and had the magneto rebuilt. He also made many of the missing parts. The tractor was bought new by a farmer and used for many years in the vicinity of Hemlock, New York. The Case people told Alan that only 97 of these tractors were built.

Part of my collection of gas engines which I'm in the process of restoring. Note my old grind stone collection in the background.


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