Compliments & Thank You

| August/September 1996

We want to compliment and thank Sam Yewusiak, our Western Montana Fair manager.

Sam has a lot of engines and is very interested in antique engines and tractors. As the Missoula County Fair manager, he has arranged space for our engine/tractor exhibits and, boy, do we have a great time! The show has grown every year since it started in 1991. We have exhibitors from Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Canada and Montana.

There are upwards of 200 engines, 100,000 spectators, maybe 40 tractors, along with model displays, saw mill, diesel generator and steam tractors. And there's everything else that you find at a large county fair: carnival, Ferris wheel, blacksmiths, horse racing, 4-H projects, all kinds of animals, home displays, along with a rip-roaring rodeo and ending with a stem-winding demolition derby!

Everybody has a great time and, of course we all get some good leads from the folks that stop and talk about the displays. Thanks again, Sam.

The Old Flywheel Gang (Fair time 1996: August 7-11).