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High-priced Magnetos . . .

| May/June 2004

  • SmokStak

  • Blow smoke

  • SmokStak
  • Blow smoke

Online Engine Conversations from SmokStak and the Stationary Engine List


Has anyone checked out magneto prices? Am I crazy? I guess with more people entering the old-engine business, the demand for magnetos has increased. The prices on some of these magnetos are un-real. Anyone else have any opinions on this subject? - Pat

I paid $225 for my EK, but it was guaranteed by a noted magneto guy. It seems like it was a decent investment, but by this time next year they will probably be bringing $300. - Eric

Well, time is money, and if you're looking for a deal you probably aren't going to get it on eBay. But, if you want a magneto, you can definitely find one there.

Even if it's painful, I would rather find and pay for one rather than waste my time looking all over Hell's half acre. Anybody who thinks this isn't an expensive hobby had better give their head a shake.

There are some serious dudes involved in this hobby with some serious green in their pockets. I guess that's what makes it interesting for those of us who are financially challenged. You've got to keep your wits about you and try to get a lucky break now and again, and then you can do okay against the big boys.

More than that, it's about meeting a lot of good people and having some fun along the way. I'd like to say this is my 2 cents worth, but I don't want to waste the 2 cents. I might need it for that next magneto! - Alex


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