Collecting Museum Pieces

| November/December 1968

  • International engines
    Courtesy of E. W m. Timmerman, R.F.D). I, Box 85-B, Oakley, Illinois 62552
    E. W m. Timmerman
  • Monitor gas engine
    Courtesy of Ralph Fuller 615 West 2nd St. Minneapolis, Kansas 67467
    Ralph Fuller

  • International engines
  • Monitor gas engine

(From I &T, Feb. 7, 1963)

Dear Mr. Baker:

You have done a fine job on your history of cars. In 1938 a lady gave me a 1904 one-cylinder Cadillac that we restored at that time.

We have some very active antique clubs here in northern Montana. One guy has a 1917 Velie, all restored. Getting to the IHC car, there is one of them at Havre. The car even had a wooden frame, and since it is restored is quite a car.

A few days ago I acquired a 1913 Wm. Galloway catalog. At that time they built a farm truck. I happen to be a collector of old-time steam engine, separator and gas tractor catalogs. They come in handy to people who are re-storing old machinery.

When you tell about the EMF car, my neighbor tells about the people who had one and changed the name to 'Every-Morning-Fix.'