Caught 'Topless' at Tri-State Dinner

| March/April 1970

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    Courtesy of Dorothy B. Smith, Forest Grove Trailer Park, Ontario, New York 14519.
    Dorothy B. Smith

  • Spart Plug Award
  • Westinghouse 3 hp

Union City, Indiana

Winding up 'topless' at an invitation dinner in December, then suddenly learning you're the guest of honor and must pose in that 'half-covered' condition before the cameras and flash-bulbs a-popping -- I think I'd better explain the two missing suit coats at that shivering convention.

Little did I know, when President Woody Turner issued the 'invite,' that I was going to be the guest of honor.

Our little cat, Buster -- the only patter of little feet in our home -- was a very sick little boy. Being a member of 'the family,' we naturally were quite concerned, making whatever preparations possible for his comfort.

'Just put your overcoat on, and carry your suit coat,' came the orders from the wife. 'That way it won't be out of press when you arrive and put it on just before dinner.' (A superb suggestion, if only it had worked out that way.)

After heading in the direction of Portland, Ind., the first couple miles seemed to be going quite well, when, all of a sudden, the wife said, 'Did you bring your suit coat along?'