Cat Fever

| June/July 1991

R.R.#2,Box 85 Sorento, Illinois 62086

I've had a fancy to own a Caterpillar tractor for many years now, but every one I have found has always been out of my price range, until this past spring.

I was on my way to Belleville Hospital for some tests before my back operation, when I saw a crawler just off the road. I had to stop and check it out; it was an R4 Cat.

On February 25 I got out after the operation. I was to stay in bed for two weeks and not drive for a month. All I could think about was the Cat, so I called a buddy to see if he knew about it. He knew someone that did, so I called him and he still had the guy's phone number.

It took me a few tries, but I finally got him. He said they were his father's, who had died a few years earlier. There were two of them there and he would sell them as a pair. We set a date to meet there, after I could ride in a car again.

The day finally arrived. My wife and brother drove me over there; it was about 45 miles. John was already there looking around. He said he had not been there for quite a while, and someone must have hauled the Thirty off. We could see where it had been sitting. We looked over the R4; it was complete except for one side curtain and the air cleaner top. We agreed on a price and we both were happy.