| February/March 1986

200 S. Spruce St., Centerville, IN 47330

Canal Days at Cambridge City, Indiana, were held on September 7 and 8, 1985, one of the hottest September weekends we have experienced in several years. Temperatures were in the low 90's on Saturday when the annual engine, tractor and antique machinery exhibit was held. This show, organized and managed by Charles and Eddie Hall of Cambridge City, has grown a bit larger each year since beginning two years ago.

This third year we were given access to a vacant lot in downtown Cambridge City plus a portion of the street in front of the lot. The regular list of exhibitors was present including the halls, Tom Kelsey, Mike Bond from Richmond and Jim Jones and sons from Centerville.

This year we were happy to have a larger display of vintage farm tractors than normal. Several John Deeres, including 1935 and 1936 model B's, a later 1940's model A and a few McCormick-Deering tractors were shown. The Halls had their Ottawa drag saw in operation and also a Standard Twin garden tractor in new condition. Numerous old engines were on display shelling corn, pumping water, operating a grindstone and other exhibits. In addition, old tools and an ancient foot powered lathe were on display.

Mike Bond had completed a model steam engine which was operated on compressed air. This engine was belted to a corn sheller and actually shelled corn. It was built as part of a high school machine shop project and shows what an enterprising young man can do with a difficult project built from scratch.

Danny and Jason Hall had a large display of antique wrenches and other farm tools. Several restored Maytag and Briggs & Stratton engines were on display. Jeff Himelick of Fountain City brought his trailer of engines down again and ground corn meal and pumped water. His Delco light plant provided power for Jim Jones' Kewanee water pump equipped with a 32 volt motor.