Born a Generation (or two) Too Late

| January/February 1985

509 Broadway, Greenfield, Illinois

This is a story of a young man who was inadvertently born a generation too late.

This young man is a farmer, has been since his father began taking him to the field with him at age of 2 or 3. His mother has told me that when he was a little boy, he used to work with his tractors and plows and discs in her yard, his 'fields'. Of course this probably started him on his way to renting land-his mother was his first landlord!

This little boy would work all day long, come in for meals nad quickly return to his 'field'. By the end of his day, his tractors were very dirty, just like his dad's. Of course the boy had an advantage, he could just pick his up and scrub them off, then rinse them under the hydrant! Bet his dad wished he could, too!

Well, it just so happens that this boy's father, and his grandfather also, had John Deere tractors. Growing up around all this green must have done something to the boy's preferences, because to this day you'll not find a tractor on the place that is not of the Mean Green Line. The boy's grandfather had once owned a 1926 John Deere 'D' and from the time I first became acquainted with him, he talked of some day owning a 'D' like grandfather had.

Well, time moved on as it usually does and this boy in his mother's backyard became a young man in his father's back 40. While on this back 40, he became acquainted with an older gentleman who took a liking to him and was later instrumental in the young man's acquiring his first piece of old equipment. I should mention that there was a mutual admiration between these two men. One in his sixties and the other his teens. The older gentleman took time to teach and show this youth the ins and out of antique machinery.