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Big Engines, Scale Engines and Fairbanks-Morse History - There's a book on it!

| December/January 2004

Large Gas Engines
Recent Developments in Large Gas-Engine Design is a selection of 1909 articles from England's Cassier's Magazine. Although short, (64 pages) it's none the less packed full of fascinating information about large, early gas engines.

And we do mean large. These are engines with four-digit horsepower ratings, and their sheer size is incredible - many larger than the homes we live in. An example is a 3,000 HP twin-tandem engine manufactured by the Snow Steam Pump Co.

Engine design is discussed thoroughly, from valve actuation techniques to overall operation, with 68 descriptive photos and diagrams explaining particular engines.

This is not for the novice crowd, as the terminology is geared towards the seasoned veteran. Written in England almost 100 years ago, the language used is somewhat archaic. But if you don't mind monetary values expressed in pounds, and have a working knowledge of gas engines, this fascinating book is a great addition to any library.

Recent Developments in Gas-Engine Design, Lindsay Publications Inc., 2004, ISBN 1-55918-309-8, paperback, 64 pages.

Model Engineering
Model Engineering, A Guide to Model Workshop Practice, is an indepth look at steam and gas engines, boilers, locomotives, electric machines and the tools and equipment needed for standard modeling operations.