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A Deere Book All Collectors Will Want

| November/December 1984

  • Book Review

  • Book Review

A new history titled 'John Deere's Company', just published, contains enough information on the firm and its tractors and its people to keep readers burning the midnight oil from now until the Fourth of July.

It's a blockbuster, with 870 pages and lots of color photos, weighing nearly four pounds and loaded with facts behind the slogan, 'Nothing Runs Like a Deere'.

Rather than get into all the stories about personalities, industrial relations, and foreign expansion, let's center on the matters of prime interest to collectors. Why should they buy it?

The answer: It is the best source we have seen on the history of John Deere products, from the first 1837 scouring plow through all the others including those being made today. If you own, collect, enjoy or covet a John Deere, this is for you.

If you are a Waterloo Boy admirer or owner, this is for you also, for the Deere firm bought out the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Co. in 1918. If you are interested in Dain or the Velie, you'll find information.

The John Deere Co., as many of our readers know, has made a host of machines and pieces of equipment far beyond plows or tractorssuch as wagons, buggies, gang plows, corn planters, cultivators, disc harrows, manure spreaders, hay rakes, binders and on and oneither under the Deere name or through affiliated companies.