Blue Grass Boys Do It Again At Harrodsburg, Kentucky

| November/December 1971

We felt a little guilty there, sitting in our trailer with the curtains drawn, watching our astronauts walk on the Moon last August. Suddenly a knock came on our door and a hand reached in with two boxes of genuine Kentucky fried chicken.

'Here's your Sunday dinner,' smiled Frank Cornish, exhibiting that old-time southern hospitality.

'Oh thank you, Frank. How delicious this looks and smells,' we replied. 'Would you care to step in a moment and watch our astronauts walking on the Moon?'

'No--my steam engine's got those astronauts beat a mile. But thank you just the same,' replied he in his friendly southern drawl.

How true--those words uttered by Frank Cornish, we suddenly realized as we flipped off the switch to the 'boob lube', stepped outside our trailer and once again entered the exciting world of old-time engines popping and chugging. It took just a second, our trip back from the vast, cold wastelands of the Moon invaded by the grotesque, dehumanized earthlings of NASA, to the friendly crowds who had come to see the Blue Grass Steam and Gas Show at the Harrodsburg, Ky., fairgrounds. May we never again be guilty of such folly, during so great an engine show.

'Fun' is the name of the game, always, whenever the Blue Grass Boys put on their annual show at Harrodsburg. Just pure fun--the joy of running your engines, whatever you happen to bring, and the chance to hear all their exhausts without the noise pollution of loudspeakers trying to out-do them. Oh yes, they have their speakers, just for important announcements, after which they are shut off in deference to the almighty engines, for which, after all, the public comes to hear.