Ben's Toys

| August/September 1992

4207 Miles Avenue Santa Rosa, California 95407

Tractors and graders, lawn mowers and tools;
Oilers and Drag-Saws, a tractor seat stool.
Water-jackets, pumps, wheels & carts:
A hundred motors, but a million parts.

Fairbanks, Economy, Wittes and more;
Engines and motors, fly-wheels galore.
They're in the yard, the sheds, the barn.
Oh please believe me, this isn't a yarn!

In various stages of rust and repair;
Parts and pieces are laying everywhere.
There's a muffler for one, a gasket or two,
Nuts and bolts, name-plates and screws.

There's spark plugs and buzz boxes, batteries and coils;
Carburetors, generators, pistons and oils.
Valves of various sizes, ball bearings and gears;
Looks like we've lived here a hundred years!!

There's two-cycle, four cycle, vertical shafts;
Horsepower, horizontal, and tanks filled with gas.
RPM, exhaust pipes, one lungers too;
Maytags, Stover, diesel and Waterloo.