| July/August 1982

Chappell, Nebraska 69129

The day was so hot that the sun beat upon the boy with evil intent. The old combine sat in the searing sun, dejected and forlorn, as though saying, 'I have cut so much wheat I don't want to digest any more.' The old model D John Deere tractor turned over with an occasional snort, as if to reply, 'Come on, let's get at it.'

Forrest Saint's wheat was ready and waiting to be harvested and binned, and the young teenager stood dejected and puzzled as he studied the ancient machine. He could not understand why the straw would not go into the mow of the gallent old combine.

The boy's father was standing in front of the cylinder studying its interior. 'Son, we'd just as well pull this piece of junk on home and call it good,' he said.

The boy walked over and ran his finger over the edge of the worn out concaves of the cylinder. 'Let's wait until morning,' he replied. A plan was already forming in his mind, 'Would that $65.00 check I received for that paint job pay for a new set of cylinder bars?' he mused.

The next morning the boy and his father made their way to Chappell and bought the new bars. A half day's work plus a lot of balancing and filing made the old Baldwin ready to try once more.