Auto Sparkers

| November/December 1977

641 Park Ave., North Mankato, Minn. 56001

I am John Klaseus from North Mankato, Minnesota. I am a partner with John P. Hiniker in restoring and saving old tractors and gas engines. John Hiniker sells decals for some tractors and engines and has an ad in GEM. We have 40 tractors and 30 gas engines, plus several separators, binders and equipment of bygone days. Our biggest tractor is a 35-70 Minneapolis Crossmount weighing 12 ton. The biggest engine is a 16 HP Eagle single cylinder. John Hiniker can take a piece of pure junk and make it look and run like it had never been used.

My wife, Lorraine, boys, (Nick, 15 years and Chris, 5 years) and girls, (Cathy, 12 years and Liz, 8 years) also take a great interest in these old machines. We have been reading the GEM since the start. It is great, keep it up.

In your September-October 1976 GEM, on page 18, Glenn Karch, R.R. 2, Haubstadt, Indiana wanted information on an Auto Sparker. I have a book called 'The Practical Gas Engineer' that shows it and tells about them. This was written June 1, 1901.

An Auto Sparker is really a D.C. (direct current) dynamo. Something like a modern day generator with a governor to control the speed. The dynamo depends on its fields from which its current is generated. The rapidly revolving armature between the wound fields of the dynamo excites them and a current is generated.

A magneto that we are familiar with depends on permanent magnets for the generating of its current. The armature revolving rapidly between permanent magnets generates a current.