Auction Report: Elias Beiler's Annual Extravaganza

| October/November 1997

  • Farm tractors and machinery

  • Farm tractors and machinery

Box 7583, Newark, Delaware 19711

This is some information I recorded at Elias Beiler's Sale, held February 27 and 28,1997 at 601 Musser School Road, Leola, Pennsylvania. This famous auction attracts buyers from miles and miles around the area with its unparalleled offerings of antique, some reconditioned tractors, gas engines and machinery. It's hard to imagine the extent and scope of this auction. You have to see it to believe it!

On February 27, farm tractors and machinery were sold starting with small items. February 28, antique tractors, steam and gas engines, parts, mags and oilier; cast iron seats; also literature and many more items were auctioned.

I have made a list of some of the prices at this year's sale to illustrate the cost and kind of items sold:

New Idea Engine, about 1932-33, painted; good . . .... $825

John Deere 1 HP engine, painted................ $500