| May/June 1970

  • Sandwich Engine
    Courtesy of Roger L. Eshelman, Box 63, College Springs, Iowa 51637
    Roger L. Eshelman
  • Rumely Oil Pull
    Courtesy of Louis B. DeVries, R.F.D. 2, Charles City, Iowa 50616
    Louis B. DeVries

  • Sandwich Engine
  • Rumely Oil Pull

1615 San Francisco St. San Antonio, Texas 78201

One thing I've always liked about GEM, and the IRON-MEN ALBUM, is that Editor-Publisher Elmer L. Ritzman, and his fine staff, use a few worth-while words of praise for Jesus Christ, Christianity, and Christmas. First, let me state my entire story, refers to the Jan.-Feb. 1970 issue of GEM. So, in that issue, on page 2, in the SMOKE RINGS Column, by Anna Mae, I'll quote a portion that Anna Mae wrote: '. . .so one thing I'll say -- its' as usual -- harried, bustling, busy, and a BEAUTIFUL time of the year. Just think -- what else is as important as the birth of JESUS?' Yes, TODAY is the time to accept Jesus whole-heartedly; tomorrow may be too late! Anna Mae is right, with those words of wisdom! And, as a Christian-nation, we should not be quality of saying, 'glad THAT'S over (Christmas)'!, we're to live close to our Savior all throughout the year, not just Christmas-day.

A good portion of GEM readers, I feel, realize there are now many, many young boys (and some girls, too) and also some of the more mature men (and women, too), who have had only little gas & oil engine and tractor experience previously, who are now eagerly reading GEM and trying to gain as much engine & tractor knowledge as fast as they now can; thus getting started in this do-it-their self hobby, trying to catch up with many of us older, more experienced, fellows and many are doing a real job, too. That's as I see it, and I do believe some do get confused at times, at the differing reports they hear or read about on one specific unit of early-day equipment, now and then. I might note errors at a glance, while the younger and less-experienced may begin to wonder when two or three different versions are given on that particular machine, come to their attention. That's why I like to correct, or help correct, some of the instances that come up; if they are a little off-color, especially if I know something about it. Remember, I only know a small percentage of the business; the greater percentage of the business, the hardest part, I wish I could still learn. In this light, I am not reflecting on anyone's inexperience; so just keep on expressing yourselves in the pages of GEM. From your contributions written in your own words, is where I usually learn a little more, too.

Let's look at the picture on page 12, It is not an I.H.C. engine; rather it is a FAIRBANKS-MORSE, type 'Z', style 'B', either a 5 hp. or a 7-? hp. If a 7-? hp., which I surely believe it is, it will weigh about 900 lbs. The trailer and engine, together, would hardly weigh a ton, unless the trailer is extra-heavily-built. Anyway, as the wording goes (page 12) the weight applies to the engine, as I see it. This F-M engine has 5-3/4 x 8 inch cylinder, and rated at 550 rpm.

The lower right-hand picture, on page 26, shows an engine with the bluted-cooler. The engine's name should be corrected to AERMOTOR. It was built by the AERMOTOR CO., Chicago, builders of the famous AERMOTOR wind-mills.

On this 1? hp. Sandwich engine, the block, water hopper, crankcase and crank-case cover are all cast in one piece. I found this one in a barn. It is missing the cranking handle in the flywheel. It runs good.


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