| February/March 1988

  • MM tractors
    One thing that makes MM tractors interesting to collect is that there are so many different ones. If one collects Fordsons, with four or five you have them all; and they were made for 20 years.

  • MM tractors

4777 Upper Valley Pike Dayton, Ohio, 45424

With the summer antique engine shows over for the season, it is now time to sit back, relax, and recall the pleasure we had in attending. Some of these events were outstanding in their uniqueness; although we did expect to find the usual, and still entertaining, threshing, saw milling, etc.

It was possible for me to make the ten hour trip from Dayton to Cedar Falls, Iowa, where collectors of Minneapolis Moline equipment had a fine display. It was easy to locate this group because of the large, colorful tent used to shelter the display of Roger Mohr. Around the tent were over thirty beautifully restored pieces of equipment. Naturally the Minneapolis Moline Prairie Gold tractors dominated the scene. Several gray Twin City tractors were part of the show.

Roger Mohr's newly restored ZTX was the center of attraction. The GTI MM owned by Harold Priest was a rare and interesting tractor. Lloyd Monroe was very proud of his very nice MTM 39-57. Harold Schwartz-rock of Charles City rode around on his rare two-cylinder Moline Universal. Almost all of the tractors participated in the daily parades. Clint Kenyan from Missouri is knowledgeable about the MM tractors and did an out standing job in his narration which contributed much to the parade's interest.

Several collectors, including the Shimas and Jerry Erickson, had very educational displays for people to enjoy.

With the bright sunshine and the many Prairie Gold caps worn, it was a very colorful sight.