Another Shaw Car Story

| October/November 1998

  • Shaw Car

  • Shaw Car

11687 S. E. 33rd Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 97222

In the early 'thirties' I, too, had a Shaw car. My car was very badly used. The clutch was gone. A local garage man welded me a direct drive unit and I never did get the motor to run very well. The front grill was the shell from a Ford T. The rear brace was a frame to support the steering shaft. The tires were taped and wrapped and patched. Money was scarce. The first person to own my car won it at a movie house drawing but that was long before I got it.

I lived at the bottom of a hill, so we would push the car up three or four blocks to the top and coast down. To stop, we would drag a foot. One time the rear wheel ran over my leg and I still have a scar on my knee.

I lived near the Columbia River where auto wreckers would put old car bodies over the dike to help hold the sand in place. My friends and I would strip any copper or brass to sell for a little cash. Times were hard. I guess this Shaw car got me started in my life's work. I received my 52-year award from the auto mechanics branch of the Machinists Union last year.