| February/March 1986

  • The Jeep

  • The Jeep

4822 Sammelman Road, St. Charles, Missouri 63303

My husband, Lundahl Morris, belongs to the Ill-Mo Tractor and Engine Club. About five years ago he acquired a 1951 CJ3 Willys Jeep (he traded a 1938 John Deere tractor to our son-in-law for it). The body was in very poor shape, but the engine had been recently overhauled. He was able to find a reprint of a shop manual and while thumbing through the information he found references to the accessories which were available for the early Jeeps. He found that just after World War II the Willys Company began to offer Jeeps for civilian use and were putting PTO's and 3-point hitches on and selling them to the farmers for use on the farm to replace the tractors which were in short supply at that time. Several companies jumped in and began to produce all kinds of farm equipment to be used with the jeeps. Everything from plows to spray rigs were offered. Evidently several units were sold, but they did not prove to be very popular for very long, probably 5 or 6 years. Whether the farmers could not accept this 'new' concept or the equipment itself proved to be impractical, he was not able to determine.

After working steadily on restoration of the Jeep for over 2 years he decided it would be an interesting project to see if he could find if any of this equipment was still around and to put it on the Jeep. He began to advertise and inquire if there was anyone who might have anything to offer. He heard from a Colorado man who had a PTO unit. He sent it to us by Greyhound bus. The freight cost more than the price he asked for the unit. From Jerico Springs, Missouri came word that a man had a mower for a Jeep in his fence row. When we went to pick it up they had to scrounge all up and down the fence row and 'back 40' to find all of the pieces. Luckily the swath board had been kept in the barn and was in good shape. In Humphreys, Missouri he found a 3 pt. hitch and in Charleston, Illinois another 3 Pt. hitch, mower and saw was found. In looking for this equipment he found there were two types of 3 pt. hitches: the Monroe, which sits in the bed of the Jeep and the Newgren which fits underneath the bed. He has installed the unit under the bed.

To date, he has acquired 2 PTO units, 2 3 pt. hitches, a mower which is mounted on the left side, front weight of 260 pounds, tailgate extension and a 2 bottom plow.

For the past three summers we have taken the Jeep and equipment to several old thresher shows in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, and it has generated a lot of interest. Most people have not heard of a mowing machine on the side of a Jeep. Their first question is 'Have you ever mowed with it?' He hasn't used it yet as he does not want to 'mess up his paint job,' but he knows it will work and the mower blades show lots of evidence that it was used a lot. Occasionally we run across an old timer who either used one himself or knew a farmer down the road who had one, but the younger generation is amazed at the sight of a mower on a Jeep.

Lindahl would appreciate any additional information or available equipment.


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