An Iron Man In The Making

| May/June 1969

  • 6 H.P. Angola
    Courtesy of Jim Krdle, R.D. 5, Canandaigua, New York 14424
    Jim Krdle

  • 6 H.P. Angola

708 Lexington Avenue, Zanesville, Ohio 43701

The iron man looked up at me perched high atop a load of sheaves and forking the wheat onto the conveyor as fast as my 19 years of city life would allow.

'Where's the wheat?' he grinned up at me. 'You've been up there for ten minutes and I've only got two sacks full.'

I wiped off the sweat and started tossing even harder. Before that day I had thought I was a man, but now I was beginning to wonder. That 32-54 New Huber Separator just didn't want to quit. Its knives reached out hungrily for every sheaf I tossed at it. It seemed to be saying,

'You mean you started me up for this little bit of feed? Come on, throw me something to eat.'

After what seemed like three or four hours, I was standing on the bed of the wagon, weakly pitching the last dozen sheaves. Finally I heard the Model 40-62 Super Four cut out, and I headed around to the water jug with the wonderful thought in mind that I had emptied that wagon all by myself.